To unify business objectives, operational challenges and end-user expectations by setting-up and developing a new strategy.

Data and digital strategy

Are you willing to digitalize your company? Create connections between your services? Transform data into an accelerator of your development?
Great prospects lead main actors to a digitalization process, aware of the unexplored richness of their data.

Designing a new organization around data is not an easy task. While internal committees can gather expectations of each department, a data pilot still has to coordinate wills and constraints within the environment, and drive the operational changes. This is what our experts provide, at each stage of your project, in order to…

1 / Write specifications and a roadmap

First thing first, every digitalization starts with electing a data committee to define the data strategy: specify objectives, identify your resources, frame your environment, structure a governance. It is also the moment where data to be collected are identified.

2 / Structure all databases

Once the roadmap is clear, the transformation can begin. Depending on the project size (a team? a department? a company?), databases are gathered and enriched (with scraping methods, open data, or IoT: see IoT section for details), processed, cleaned, and conditioned for analysis (see Biostatistics or Industrial Statistics sections for details).

3 / Activate and empower the information

Data being processed and analyzed, it is time to display the information extracted and solutions developed: data visualization dashboard, predictive charts or values, clean databases… all information are addressed to dedicated actors so it can be used directly to drive everyday activity in an optimal way.


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