When biological R&D and production success relies on fine-tuned experimental design, data processing and statistical analysis


Your company is developing new products, services or technologies for humans or animals (drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, cosmetics, food) and you are willing to assess their efficacy and safety? Researching patterns in biological data to understand phenomena? Looking for diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers?

Our team of biostatisticians provides its expertise to life sciences actors to setup projects and analyze data according to researchers’ objectives, at each stage of your project, in order to…

1 / Design an optimal study

Your study’s success relies on its design. By translating scientific questions in statistical hypothesis and defining the right sample size and analytical methodology before starting your study, we maximize its scientific value and your confidence in its conclusions. Investing in this phase helps you mitigate risks during your development. At this step, we also give recommendation regarding collection methods (duplicates, IoT, sequencing…).

2 / Process and analyze data

We conduct a data management phase to clean up the databases, identify outliers and ensure the quality of data for next steps . By analyzing data, extract useful information  to show proper evidence of the study’s objective. We generate outputs such as tables, listings, figures (TLFs) or models to interpret statistical results in your context.

3 / Deliver straightforward information

Once TLFs and statistical outcomes are delivered, statistician and physicians/scientists can now bring their interpretation via data visualization, articles, publications, and up to clinical reports (see Medical Expertise dedicated section).


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