Focus on Soladis’ new offer “Audit&Diag AI”

The approach proposed by Soladis is based on a personalized and individualized diagnosis of the organization of its clients, in the light of its challenges, ambitions or potential identified by the latter on innovative themes that may involve IoT and AI. The objective of this action is to identify new growth and innovation axes based on the exploitation of collected data and collectable data.

This approach translates relies on series of support and consulting services with a strong willing to bring out transformation projects within companies of all sectors and to define an approach and an operational action plan to validate the feasibility of a strategic transformation project.

Dicovery offer : Identify your AI problematic and budget your project

  • Conference call to discover your environment and activity
  • Opening up to the Data / IoT potential in relation to your ambitions

Free discovery service (2h video conference)


Starter offer: Find new growth areas and put Data at the service of your transformation projects

  • Value Chain, Identification of challenges
  • Identify new growth axes
  • Emerge transformation projects linked to a value/margins
  • Build an operational action plan
  • Deliverables: Value Chain, List of Challenges, Solutions to Value, Project Plan and Recommendations

Duration: ~2 weeks to 1 month depending on the availability of the client

Rate: 10K€


First Study Case: Experimentation through the realization of an AI/Data Science project, on a 1st iteration

  • Pre-qualification to define the needs and the functional scope of the pilot
  • General specification
  • Technical design
  • Realization
  • Commissioning, evaluation

Duration : ~3 mois

Rate : 25K€HT


On-Demand : Expert who can be mobilized for consulting and support activities on the strategy and on the projects

  • Management of the solution:
    • Organize and plan the work of the teams;
    • Transmit and ensure the follow-up of procedures and directives;
    • Animate and advise the client’s collaborators and projects;
  •  Diagnosis:
    • Analysis of the existing situation;
    • Identify areas for improvement;
  • Risk management:
    • Assessing risks to anticipate them;
    • Implementing a risk management approach;
    • Apply the company’s procedures and instructions;
  • Project design: a facilitator and a companion for arbitration:
    • Contribution plan that defines and manages the participation of stakeholders in the project;
    • Coordinate the successive actions of the project by managing the resources;
    • Define the communication actions;
    • Design follow-up;
    • The organization and follow-up of the testing phases;
    • End of project assessment and evaluation;

Duration: to be defined

Rate : 1 200€ per day


Soladis - France (siège)
6-8 rue Bellecombe
Tél: +33(0)

Soladis GmbH - Suisse
Lange Gasse 15
CH-4052 Basel
Phone: +41(0)

Soladis Inc. - USA
185 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Unit 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1100
Phone: (+1)347.417.4008

Soladis Canada
545 King Street West, Suite 309,
Phone: (+1)437.970.6462





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