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Soladis is looking for experienced data scientist in Basel (CH) on two open positions.
Start date : between january and march 2020, for permanent positions.
If you are interested, please write directly to


In a context of clinical trials, you will join a big team designing and developing end-to-end technical ecosystems enabling digital science for a range of neurodegenerative diseases. You will be analyzing large amounts of sensor data collected from various devices.


The department you would work in develops a digital solution. The program’s focus areas are:

  • Design digital biomarkers: Define ways to capture clinical outcomes using sensor data collected from smartphones and wearables
  • Develop apps and data processing pipeline: Establish processes, software, and infrastructure to handle big data collected from sensors in clinical trials
  • Deploy digital biomarkers to clinical studies: Generate data to validate approaches and support decision making
  • Analyze and interpret sensor data: Identify signals for disease severity and progression in sensor data collected from patients in trials


Within a Biomarkers Analysis team, the tasks you will be performing in this department will be the following:

  • Extract new biomarkers from sensor-generated data
  • Ensure the quality of extracted biomarkers
  • Statistical analysis of biomarkers
  • Implementation of new statistical models
  • Evaluate the impact of the drug in a clinical study
  • Participation in the development of new tests/measures
  • Visualization of data and share results between various stakeholders

Required skills:

  • PhD degree in Computational Biology or Neuroscience
  • Strong knowledge in Advanced Statistics and experience in Machine Learning algorithms
  • Strong knowledge in Python (R or Matlab is a plus)
  • Strong experience in signal processing (especially ECG)
  • Experience in Neuroscience applied to human domain (area of application: memory, sleep, Alzheimer, Parkinson…)
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Self-starting team player
  • Fluent in English and one additional language (German is a plus)

2nd Position: Speech Analysis Expert


  • Analyze speech/audio data collected remotely in different neurological diseases using dedicated smartphone-based tests
  • Apply your expertise to build robust and stable algorithms for speech data analysis using acoustic, phonetic, prosodic and lexical features
  • Using these analyses, establish the biological, clinical and patient relevance of sensor data collected in clinical studies
  • Help us with your expertise to identify and implement robust solutions for automatic speech recognition, speaker identification and speaker diarization
  • Drive the understanding of the data analysis results by clinical development programs through the development of compelling narratives and presentations
  • Support the development of publications to establish the results in the scientific community

Required skills:

  • University degree in mathematics, statistics, engineering, natural science or informatics
  • 3+ years of experience with analyzing speech data

You understand the limits of existing open source speech/audio processing software and do not just blindly apply them to audio files

  • Solid experience with signal processing and statistical analysis in Python, R, Matlab or similar languages
  • Experience with software development and big data infrastructures
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques for classification, regression, and feature selection
  • Very good analytical and communication skills
  • Fully proficient in English with excellent writing skills

Soladis - France (HQ)
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Soladis Inc. - USA
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Soladis Canada
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