Soladis Statistics is the historical entity of Soladis, dedicated to data analysis and exploitation with statistical and mathematical methods and tools.

In 2000, following the demise of the Rhône-Poulenc group where they handled industrial statistics, Olivier Alamartine and François Conesa decided to start Soladis, with the goal of rapidly becoming a reference player in statistics in the Lyon area, meeting the analysis needs of pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Since then, we have continued to grow our range of services, diversifying our expertise, our clients and our influence, and learning how to tailor our statistical methods to our clients’ sectors.

Our statistics team currently comprises around forty statisticians and biostatisticians, ready to provide support at a local level at our clients’ premises or from our analysis platforms, and handle challenges involving:

The organization of experimental approaches, in line with the challenge and the business constraints faced by our client :

  • Sample size, number of experiments, etc.
  • Study design
  • Definition of analysis methodology

Data management and formatting, and database expansion using exogenous information :

  • Querying/Data extraction
  • Formatting according to analysis standards (CDISC, etc.)
  • Data cleansing (outliers, missing data, etc.)
  • Processing and exploitation of these data:

Data analysis and exploitation :

  • Descriptive methods, comparative analyses, etc.
  • Explanatory/predictive modeling, etc.
  • Traditional or dynamic online statistical reporting, processing algorithms, etc.

Today, our clients, ranging from major groups to small businesses from the processing industry and service sectors, regularly ask us for consulting and production support with their:

R&D, for

  • health: -omics, preclinical, clinical, epidemiological, etc.
  • test benches, lab tests
  • I.S. data processing
  • etc.

Production, for

  • industrializing manufacturing processes
  • quality (SPC, sampling, etc.)
  • performance modeling
  • etc.

Marketing, for

  • market data processing
  • project management and analysis of survey/panel data, etc.
  • management and analysis of web and social media data
  • etc.

… and for specific requests from other internal departments wanting to analyze their data: HR, Communication, Sales, Finance, etc.

Our team, composed of complementary collaborators with various backgrounds and training, can adapt to our clients’ requirements and sectors to guarantee a custom service and the extraction of optimal value from your data.

To find out more, go to the website dedicated to our methodological and analytical activities, Soladis Statistics:

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