Soladis Digital is the Soladis team dedicated to the management of digitalization, big data processing and big data analysis projects, putting to use our expertise in both IT and data sciences.

With extensive software and methodology experience and fluency in the programming languages relevant to any project with a “data” component, the team provides you with ongoing support, covering every aspect of the development of your project or simply offering external assistance for specific tasks.

Our solution is structured around four key stages:

Diagnostics and project planning

Before the launch of any IT/digital project, a road map needs to be drawn up.
Starting from the challenge facing your company, Soladis sets out the scope of your projects by carefully framing your data aggregation, analysis and exploitation needs. This prevents you from getting lost among the overwhelming possibilities the digital world has to offer. During this phase, a round of meetings with key personnel (users, decision-makers, IS, etc.) helps to identify and validate existing structures and resources, the issues at stake, and the potential ROI.
Our Soladis consultants can also carry out systems and routines diagnostics in light of the regulations applicable to your activities (review/validation of clinical statistical activities, assistance with establishing SOPs, SAS software/program validation and qualification, etc.) and help you ensure compliance.

Collecting and aggregating multi-source data

Soladis offers innovative solutions to help you deal with the explosion in data volumes and leverage the opportunities this creates.
We understand the importance of aggregating multi-source data for improving market knowledge and operational organization and for enhancing products and services, and we adjust our approach to suit your sector, routines and structures.
To collect, aggregate and store data – whether they are essential or complementary for your project – we provide different levels of service: from web or social media scraping to qualify and quantify online trends, to the management of IoT/smart object data and their flows, or the implementation of consumer surveys.
We look at your big data projects to offer you a range of suitable, easy-to-use tools and solutions.

Capitalizing on results to provide feedback

Results are sometimes presented in a raw and static way, preventing the potential of the data being fully exploited. To fully leverage the information hidden in these data, Soladis uses a range of cutting-edge data visualization tools to provide optimized utilization of indicators, results and any other information extracted by our processing algorithms.
As some data are collected in continuous or real time, we interpret them using dynamic, interactive presentations of results, particularly suited to quick and easy identification of changes in your reports. A range of universally accessible tools, such as dashboards, mobile applications and web platforms, can be custom-built for you.
This means you obtain comprehensive solutions for communicating results to the appropriate people, and an effective tool for decision-making, highlighting relevant information and ultimately enabling you to extract value from your data.

Effective processing, analysis and interpretation

In the face of the increasing volumes and complexity of stored data, we offer relevant, customized decoding for a clear interpretation of your data, so they deliver the added value you need.
To achieve this, we apply a hybrid approach combining traditional statistical modeling techniques with cutting-edge data manipulation methods. Our data science consultants work with you at all stages of your projects to implement applications and develop algorithms carefully tailored to the challenges you face.
Building on the data you have collected, we assist you in carrying out quality control and finalizing the data before subjecting them to advanced analysis methods, including statistical methods, self-learning algorithms, machine learning and more. This is how we give you access to the information you need to make smart decisions and transform possibilities into opportunities.


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