Soladis Connect is the Soladis team dedicated to data capture technologies (sensors, biosensors, smart objects, etc.), offering a custom service for the creation, development and integration of innovative data capture technologies.

To help you connect your studies and processes, we work with you to select the variables that best suit your needs, identify the right technologies for obtaining reliable data, test and adapt them to your needs, and deploy them for your purposes.

Our solution is based on two key areas:

  • Structuring your measurements: by modernizing and automating your existing measurement systems and making them more reliable, we can eliminate most of the bias found in your current systems.
  • Enhancing your knowledge: by giving you the tools to collect previously inaccessible information, we enable you to enhance your project/process knowledge

To achieve this, we apply an approach that is:

  • multi-technology: through choosing the technology best suited to your needs (optical, acoustic, biological technology, etc.)
  • versatile and adaptable: to adapt our chosen technologies to your environment (communications protocol, tool interoperability, etc.).

Use case: connected clinical trials

With Soladis Clinical Studies and Soladis Connect, you can now “connect” your clinical trials, enhancing them with instrumented systems for data acquisition. Having an intelligent monitoring system to collect, clean and process your study data makes it easier for you to access the information they contain, and facilitates the study recruitment and follow-up phases to help you stay on schedule.  In addition, by capturing these more extensive data, you can observe new phenomena and identify causes that were previously inaccessible.


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