To better adapt to your needs and way of working, we can offer different types of service to assist you with project execution, each with its own specific qualities and advantages.

Whether you need a close local presence, a multidisciplinary team, occasional or regular support, or training in specific methodologies, our operating methods can be coordinated and tailored to the way you work.

Remote Platform

Remote support platform for project management

We have a solution in place to handle your questions remotely. Our platform, including statisticians, biostatisticians, key data science contacts and our clinical teams, comprises over 40 employees to offer remote support for your projects, whether they are in the clinical, industrial or marketing fields.

This solution offers great flexibility in terms of time, with the capacity to launch a new project in just a few days, and in terms of material resources, as you don’t have to free up a workstation for on-site support. Of course, our engineers can also come to your premises to kick off the project, and establish the basics and the quote according to your specifications on request.

On-site Consulting

On-site consulting and assistance

As a matter of principle, we always respect the confidentiality of your business and adapt to your constraints, both technical and logistical. Also, if you so wish in the context of medium and long-term projects, we can arrange for a consultant or a team of SAS® programmers, statisticians, biostatisticians, bioinformatics specialists, data managers, CRAs, clinical project managers, etc. to support you in implementing your projects.

This service, which gives you the versatility you need over a set period, is ideal when you need a great deal of flexibility on site with a high number of tasks to be completed. A perfect solution when your department’s activity rate is highest – but you are not considering recruiting – or when internal expertise is not sufficient given the workload in question.


The Consulting-Partnership for a quick and efficient expertise

Our consulting-partnership format is characterized by its versatility: if you need occasional, short-term and unpredictable support and consultancy, this format is the perfect fit for you.

Short programming, analysis, revision, consulting and other assignments are billed on an hourly basis at actual cost, based on the time needed to progress and complete your projects. This solution, which can be combined with hotline support or consulting, is designed to help you within a reduced timescale and on a specific issue, and enable you to identify the areas for consideration for your projects.


The Audit/Diagnostic, an effective solution to improve routines

Our experienced engineers can carry out an audit to help you resolve a specific issue within a reduced timescale.

Several solutions are available:

  • an on-site assignment by one or more of our employees for, as an example, a critical audit of your analytical routines;
  • a remote assignment for, as an example, a protocol review, or an analysis plan for a clinical trial or a scientific publication;
  • a combination of these two types of assignment for, as an example, a logistics process audit based on tangible elements and quality documents.

This type of high added-value service guarantees you high quality project management and the rapid resolution of a focal point, so that you can see your projects through to completion under better conditions.

Training center

Training center, to raise awareness or provide autonomy in statistics

The objective of the statistics and biostatistics training we provide is to make participants more aware of the statistical issues that concern their sector, and to give them analysis results that are universally interpretable for operational use.

The “statistician” training includes a theory module with an explanation of the methods and techniques involved, and a practical module with software-based application and realistic exercises, with the aim of giving all participants the tools they need to make use of the value of their data in the context of their activity.

These intense but enjoyable sessions are hosted at our training center by an education manager and eight trainers, all experienced statistics consultants.

One special feature of our training center is that our trainers do not work there full time – they are all experienced engineers who apply the statistical methods they teach on a daily basis in their work as consultants. This provides realistic examples taken from our extensive, varied field experience. We are not limited to theory – but practice what we preach!

Our training can be inter-company, with sessions on our premises with participants from several companies, or intra-company on your premises or at our site, adapted to suit your specific needs. To find out more, go to Soladis Institute (only in French).


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